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FeedbackHound lets you create your own custom feedback and support site in a matter of minutes.

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6 reasons why startups need FeedbackHound

Engaging your customers is win-win

Many customers are happy to tell you what is wrong with your product and even suggest how to improve it. And they will do this for FREE. Why? Because they benefit too.

Fewer assumptions means less risk

Validate your ideas before devoting significant resources to them. Deliver what your customers actually want, not what you think or assume they want.

Firefighting on Twitter is a last resort

Social media is not the place for front-line support. By identifying and addressing issues early, you can keep customers happy and help avoid embarrassing escalations which often result from a lack of communication.

Duplicate issues are expensive

Dealing with duplicate support emails is inefficient. FeedbackHound centralizes your issues eliminating duplicates so you need only respond once. Easily identify quick-wins and choose delivery order based on customer demand.

Good customer support is free marketing

Hiding your support tickets behind logins or private emails is a wasted opportunity. Show off how well you respond to your customers by making your support public.

There is no downside

Have your feedback site live within 5 minutes - no credit card required. Try us FREE for 30 days and see how FeedbackHound works for your business.

Any Questions?

What service does FeedbackHound provide?

We provide a dedicated support website for your own website or application. Whenever a customer has a query, suggestion or wants to report a problem, they do so via your customized FeedbackHound site. Customers can discuss and vote on each issue so you can see which features should be prioritised.

Is FeedbackHound only suitable for startups?

Any business can benefit from our services, but we primarily target the startup market. Start-ups have the most to gain from early customer feedback but many other products are more enterprise oriented. Our pricing structure, simplicity and our ability to adapt to customer feedback make us suited to younger, more dynamic companies.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes. You can try any package free for 30 days without commitment and without providing any payment information.

What is your cancellation policy?

All packages are charged on a monthly basis. You are free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade at any time.